for now

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Boutiques Australia is stopping trading indefinitely.

When we opened in 2020, we set out to change the narrative for local brands, to become a force for good and empower small Australian businesses. Our offering was highly curated to showcase the talent of so many boutique retailers across the country. Boutiques Australia looked to give a platform to local companies to stand up against the big companies and chain stores.

However, due to personal reasons, we must close our doors. But our mission remains valid. The good news is you can still stand up against fast fashion and support local designers by buying directly from our affiliated brands and following their pages listed below. Thank you to everybody who has made this incredible journey possible; from the amazing brands who we’ve worked with, to you – our incredible customers.

While this is goodbye for now, hopefully it will not be forever.


Thank You

Thank you to all the wonderful brands who were a part of this project!

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