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We're here to give small businesses who may not have the marketing resources a fighting chance against big companies and chain stores, and allow them to focus on doing what they love - working in their business rather than on it.
What makes us different?

A purpose-built platform providing shopping features unique in Australia, Boutiques Australia marketplace is the only brand among all online retail marketplaces that provides the ability to shop multiple unique products from a selection of small Australian businesses.

There are many advantages to being involved in a marketplace like Boutiques Australia, but what sets Boutiques Australia apart from many marketplaces is that there is no monthly fee, it has a lower commission rate per sale, and vender participation will be by invitation only, so you will be promoting your products in an environment designed to attract customers who appreciate quality as well as value. 

Etsy, Amazon, eBay, etc are giants in the online marketplace industry and their vendor bases are giant too, which means most vendors are lost in the hundreds of pages you are expected to scroll through after a product search. So, what makes us different? Boutiques Australia is all about supporting Australian Small Businesses – you won’t be competing with hundreds (or thousands) of businesses large & small, locally or across the globe – with Boutiques Australia there will only be small Australian businesses.

Boutiques Australia started its pursuit to support and promote small Australian businesses when it launched the Boutiques Australia blog, a free service dedicated to promoting Australian small businesses and getting to know the people behind them. While the blog will remain a “free to be involved” initiative, we realise that to provide a really valuable service to small businesses we needed to provide something that creates a one stop location for purchasers, where they can easily find wonderful products without feeling overwhelmed by a seemingly endless list of vendors to scroll through. 

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