Behind The Brand: Green + Bare

At Boutiques Australia, it's our goal to help Australians discover amazing Australian-owned boutiques. So, we've reached out to incredible brand and boutique founders to learn about how they got started, what inspires them, and to spread their stories.

For this edition of Behind the Brand, we caught up with Janelle Changuion, Founder of Green + Bare. If you haven't heard of their incredible range of skincare products, check them out on Instagram and keep reading to learn more about their boutique.

What inspired you to start your boutique label?

I wanted to help other mothers carve out time for themselves and treat skincare as self-care, not just an afterthought or another thing they “have to do.”

Green + Bare Products

What has been the most exciting time you've had with your business?

For me it’s been the positive feedback from customers who are genuinely surprised with the results they get after they’ve used the products! I love to be able to educate and help people with their skin and self care concerns.

What are some of your favourite Aussie brands and businesses?

I adore Go-To Skincare! I love the way founder, Zoe communicates with her customers. Her brand is whitty, fun and entertaining, I love how she doesn’t take things too seriously. 

What is the best compliment you've ever recieved about your brand/product?

The biggest compliments I get about our products is when other people notice my customers' skin transformations. When they tell me that they are now confident enough to go without makeup because their skin just looks so much better. That makes me happy that people feel more confident in their own bare skin!

What part of Australia are you based? has this influenced your product?

I am based in Mandurah, South of Perth Western Australia. But when I was originally formulating my clay masks I was living in the Pilbara. The beautiful landscape and rustic red earth really inspired me to work with clay. I love to connect with nature and this has certainly inspired me to use 100% ingredients!

Green + Bare Products

What is most important to you when it comes to the way you run your business?

It’s important to us to be 100% transparent about what we use in our skincare. I really want people to feel confident when they read our ingredients list that they can understand and identify them. We don’t hide anything nasty in our products, and it will forever stay this way. 

What makes your business/product unique?

We’re leading the way when it comes to waterless beauty. We believe that anhydrous products are the future of the sustainability movement in skincare. We only use natural, evidence-based ingredients that you can see *and* feel working. Our formulations are targeted – and interactive, allowing our customers to mix and match and customize the products for their skin’s needs.

Green + Bare Products

What's a piece of advice you would have given yourself at the start of your business journey?

Good things take time. Success doesn’t happen overnight and it’s a lot of hard work! Be prepared to ride the rollercoaster ride of owning your own product based business, and take the highs with the lows. 

What's been the hardest part of running your business?

 Working from home and not really having anyone to share those low moments with - when you feel like giving up. It can be quite isolating and lonely. 

Check out Green + Bare's amazing range of skincare products.

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