Behind the Brand: Bohemian Farmhouse

It's our goal to help Australians discover amazing Australian-owned boutiques, and Bohemian Farmhouse is another that needs to be added to your "To-shop" list. We caught up with Kristy Newdick, Founder and Owner of Bohemian Farmhouse to learn more about her journey to creating earth potions, skincare products and more.

BTB: Bohemian Farmhouse

Before we dive in, when did you start Bohemian Farmhouse?

The business started three years ago in an online format, and at markets but we opened our brick and mortar shop in December 2019 in the midst of bushfires, which were followed by floods and then the global pandemic. It’s been a challenging first year!

Tell us a bit about yourself (inside and outside work!)

I’m a mum to two children aged five and eight, a boy and a girl. Our family of four (and all the animals!) live on acreage where we grow as much as we can of the herbs we use, something we hope to expand more into as we are currently looking for a home with more land. I’m nearly forty and prior to starting Bohemian Farmhouse I was a florist, a wedding stylist and had a very busy wedding hire business. At the shop I make all of our products in store, using slow folk herbalism and certified organic oils and herbs. I have a complete zero tolerance for anything synthetic and toxic so my range is as close to nature and as pure as can be. I truly believe that the intention that goes into a product and the personal touch creates a type of magic in the finished offering that you just cannot get with mass manufacture.

BTB: Bohemian Farmhouse

What was your inspiration/defining moment that made you start your business, and what drives your passion for it?

I was given a herb book when I was 10 which had belonged to my Nanna. Reading it and learning about this secret life of plants, the wonder it instilled in me that plants can do so much yet seem so unassuming and humble, gave me a strong love for herbs and flowers. I have wanted to have a business just like this since my early teens, but it took till I had two children, had exhausted myself in the busy wedding industry to go back to what my soul had been driving me towards all along.

I personally have always struggled with anxiety and after my second child I had burnt myself and my adrenals out. So a lot of our range helps with anxiety and stress, whether that’s directly in an edible or aromatherapy form or whether indirectly by the ritual of a moment of calm in self care, like a deep blissful bath and a face mask. The other reason for this is that the body needs to be in a parasympathetic state for it to start healing itself, for it to digest food efficiently and detox. When we are in a stressed, fight or flight state, our bodies are just surviving. Anyway we can get into the parasympathetic will help our overall health and well-being.

What was your proudest and your most challenging moment in your business?

Opening the doors to our first physical store after years of markets and online sales. Most challenging was closing for a month after covid hit and moving back to solely online sales again, along side homeschooling my two children.

If you could recommend one of your products to someone who has never bought from you, what would you recommend and why?

I would recommend the Earth Goddess oil, it’s one if the first potions we crafted and has a bit of a cult following now. It uses whole infusions of lavender bud, burdock root and crushed nutmeg in pumpkin seed and Rosehip oils. Along with frankincense it’s a scented nirvana and is like a drink for the skin nourishing it at a cellular level.

BTB: Bohemian Farmhouse

What do you love about the area where your business is located and was there a particular reason why you set up shop there?

Tamborine Mountain is one of the most stunning natural places in Queensland. It’s such a unique place, with some days clear and bright and others sitting in the clouds and the mist even swirls into the shop. I chose to place our flagship store up here because of the association it also has with being a sacred place that the indigenous peoples used for birthing and post natal healing for many thousands of years. It’s full of fertile soil, waterfalls and natural springs. Gallery Walk is a quirky street which appeals to my sense of aesthetic with the cute cottages and buildings. The people are wonderfully kind as well.

What are the next steps for you and your business?

We’ve just added holistic plant based facials where we use our botanical skincare and Sarah also incorporates facial massage for lymphatic drainage of the face, detoxing and facial muscle toning. We have an in house naturopath and we’d like to expand on the treatment side of things. There is a new product coming using blue tansy as well, to treat the many people coming in lately with possibly stress induced facial redness and rash. We also had a wonderful calendar full of circles and workshops but they’ve all been postponed for now. Before too long we hope to have these back up and running.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Everyone has the ability to be their own healer by following their intuition and believing the amazing capacity their body has for healing itself. It’s very empowering to realise this and to know that there are so many plants, many thought of as weeds, all around you with incredible healing powers.

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